Adjournment of Releasing

Work is already underway to improve the use of the exes.


tcUAE v2.5c

  • scalex2 filter is disabled by default
  • more filters
  • Demonic Windows repaired (e.g. display under the english system)

tcUAE v2.6

  • The engine works, but needs public testing on older computers.

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We, all together will decide that do we want it or not. Probably there will be poll/survey about it. Lets be honest, main thing is that we want tcUAE to work quite well on 8-10 years old machines. If that condition will be fullfilled - I dont see any problem. All exe will be updated to version 2.6

2012-05-17 18:09:37

All exe files will be converted into 2.6 ?

2012-05-17 01:25:25


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