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As you already know Megaupload was closed by FBI. Thats the reason why TC cut off download for free users, only registered users for now have access to download links - that way we can control our transfer better. TC will stay ad free and donation free but hosting is not for free. We hope that some of you could suggest few mirror options (Mr. Harrison?). We encourage you to register. Remember that TC wants you to not only download exes but also speak up in our small community (in your native language if you prefer - we'll use Google Translate)

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2012-01-22 11:41:38

Anthrox hello, do you want mirrors for files ? I can upload a few of miroriii. It hosts the files on the site and it redistributes the files on the main platforms for hosting file Exemple: http://www .mirorii.com/fichier/30/469386 /Addams-Family-exe.html

2012-01-22 03:10:44


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