As you know, the company did not upload new exes for a long time.
It is caused by the ongoing update of 2.5, that you liked.
You may ask:
Why didn't you upload new items on the ocassion?
The answer is simple: the number of exes is equal to 99 (a compilation is counted as 1) we wanted to have that 100th exe to somehow celebrate our 3-year-long adventure with developing our project.
There isnt many titles to the end of the update - in one forum topic I bet that we will make it till the end of the month. Shed no tears: TC will upload two new exes - first time this year - becasue after deleting 3 old ones, which are now in compilation we've got two free places in our count to 100.

Number of old exes that are yet to be updated: 0.

Due to a DDoS attack our site was unavailable for a couple of hours. The problem is solved.

game screen
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I am eagerly waiting your new adaptations

2012-01-01 19:02:23

hear hear!

2011-05-01 06:23:04

Long live the AMIGA and THE COMPANY

2011-04-30 05:05:12

What fools would DDOS this site, why can't they attack sites that actually deserve it.. Idiots :(, Welcome back though :D

2011-04-28 15:11:10


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