First v2.5 EXE

At the very beginning, I'd like to thank everyone for taking part in our last poll and for our new 'most-users-ever' record -- there were 236 of us online on our forum!
After almost two months of waiting we have for you our new, revised EXE, which you can spot on your right.

What is different?

  • inner L04D3R'a name changed to tcUAE (other desgin fixes are visible under F12),
  • instant EXE startup with possibility to load your own high scores (you have to press numpad '*' after tcUAE starts to refresh the game and load your highscores, otherwise defualts are loaded),
  • possibility to load your game at any given moment through command line, using your own SGF,
  • native window for picking a title from a compilation,
  • 90% of false antiviruses' alerts will disappear,
  • 'delete' now serves as a quit key (not 'home'). You can also use alt+f4,
  • better SGFs (old ones are not compatible anymore),
  • other minor updates.

If we get positive feedback all of our old EXEs will be upgraded and then new titles will be uploaded.

The Company is seeking people who can write 'slave' for WHDLoad well. Moreover we would love to meet a scene group, that would make us a unique cracktro (instead of the splash seen on EXE start).

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