Novelties of 2011 (GRY - EXE - GAMES)

Changes that will take place in version 2.5

  • loading SGF from command line(REQ: bajinaji)
  • immediate game startup(without CLI/shell)
    Status: 100%
  • compilation game choice in native window:
    game screen
    game screen

    Status: 100%
  • design change under F12 (e.g. no PayPal info):
    game screen

    Status: 100%
  • other (less important)
    Status: 90%

For now there will NOT be:

  • a new intro on exe startup //fellows from RSE are busy with their own business right now -- and we would like a pro scene intro =)

We're working on all of the above, so TC group pleads for patience.

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