Update #2

All of the images of games that were part of a compilation has been uploaded -- we can cogratulate Pancio on that -- 99% of them is his doing.
I'd like to thank Roki here, who is doing mirrors for all of us, e.g. MegaUpload.

More EXEs will arrive shortly.
Our break is the result of work going on v3.0 engine and our new cracktro possibilities.
We've decided to publish EXEs in older version (v2.0) so soon we'll celebrate 100 EXE day

Version following has been temporarily turned off.

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Could you explain what you mean further? If you want to see newest exes sort the table by No. When new version will come out every exe will be replaced.

2011-01-02 15:12:08

Is it possible to have "NEW" or another column with the version no i.e. v2.0 or v3.0 next to the newest exes?

2010-12-31 03:38:11


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