V3.0 EXEs - Whats Up (FINISHED)

Hi all!
Let's talk about what's new with The Company.

The most important thing - we are in the process of updating exe v2.6
to v3.0.

So far we have: 167 updated titles
To be updated: ~1 titles

EXE V3.0 offer the following:

  • DIGITAL SIGN - all exes v3.0 have a digital sign in order to prevent people from any modification. Any interference will render exe unplayable.
  • Improved loading time
  • Brand new update thingy which informs about the latest version of exe
  • Quit with HOME button instead of END
  • Fixed issues occuring on Windows 10 (problems with trainers / cheats)
  • Improved optional TC Window skipping command line - in V3.0 you can run position "activate trainer/skip intro" without TC Window (example command: -g 1.1)
  • Move around in TC Window with TAB, ENTER, ARROW KEYS
  • Simplified donation system, just click the chest icon in TC Window

New features in download section:

  • Game manual
  • Gameplay on YouTube (if you have HD movie - send us a link!)
  • TC users can rate games

As you can see we have been busy, and a lot of things are happening.

Here's a list of all updated exe 2019-01-18:

Favor to ask: Let us know if someone, somewhere is talking rubbish about The Company. We have been active (and what we do is legal) for more than a decade, offering our knowledge and having a good time - together we can make old school Amiga games great again and make sure that exe are going to be top quality - let's keep it up.

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Silkworm/SWIV still missing :/

2022-01-12 08:07:08

@Northerstar: Ciao amico, puoi scaricare il pacchetto qui:
Sul telone con il gioco hai anche una piccola icona che ti consente di scaricare un file con il gioco.

2020-03-29 08:37:15

Buongiorno a tutti, perdonate l'ignoranza ma dove posso scaricare la versione 3.0 per poter giocare anche con questi titoli? Grazie mille in anticipo, siete fantastici

2020-03-29 05:49:58

@Detonation - thank you for test! @rnuls - thanks abd happy new year 2020 for all!

2019-12-31 18:44:46

oups wals talking about Super Cars II and Stardust. Many big thanks for your hard work.

2019-12-28 15:39:51

Sorry Anthrox, but I can't send private messages. Something about not participating enough. But I tested both exe's and the games "Fireforce and "Prince of Persia" seem to work fine under windows 10, while previous 3.0 versions did not.

2019-12-27 08:44:33

@Detonation: please check private message - i send updated exe to test.

2019-12-26 06:10:41

I'm still getting the same error message after allowing app through windows defender. "The application has encountered an error. No application is associated with the specified file for this operation" and that error code.

2019-12-06 19:35:12

the company.pl..... one on my favorite site ever !!!

2019-11-19 12:27:36

Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the Dungeon Master stuff to be done, you guys are legendary! Of the things I've tried, Evils Doom, Nitro, Shadow of the Beast, all working well in Windows 10. Thank you Thank You THANK you!

2019-11-19 06:08:23

@Voytee chwilowo dział próśb jest zamknięty z powodu aktualizacji exeków, sam czekam na spełnienie mojej prośby :D

2019-11-06 08:21:21

@Detonation; @Anthrox: It's Windows Defender threat protection. To make it work go to settings and choose an option to ignore a threat.

2019-11-05 15:53:06

Witam wszystkich. Sugestia na nowe gierki: Midwinter 1 I 2 proszę. Podziękowania za nostalgiczne wspomnienia. Super!

2019-11-05 04:37:11

@Detonation: We're analyzing this issue.

2019-11-01 11:32:43

Sadly none of these work with Windows 10. Logo appears and then it just closes, or im getting (0x80070483) error.

2019-10-27 10:19:52

Thank you for your kind words!

2019-10-18 19:25:49

@Anthrox: Thank you, Anthrox! This site is really great!

2019-10-18 15:00:41

@GuyBrush: the game is waiting in queue. We are currently refreshing other titles.

2019-10-18 12:11:18

Silkworm PLZZZZZZZ!!!!!

2019-10-16 07:09:36

Hey guys! This site is mega! So pleased to play Moonstone and Turrican again! Any idea when SWIV will be updated to V3? At the moment, when I download it I just get a text file :)

2019-10-15 15:02:16

Eye Of The Beholder II please !!!

2019-10-05 01:40:40

@zannificus - haha

2019-10-04 15:16:48

@bolloo10 - actually... nope.

2019-10-04 15:16:35

@anthrox You know, stuff I mentioned like Gloom, Sppedball & TV Sports games haven't been updated so long they COULD be considered new :D . Just joking. ;)

2019-10-03 16:00:29

I spent hours and hours playing this game. Is this game listed in your Agenda ?

2019-10-02 12:14:57

Now yes :D

2019-10-01 12:14:10

You're right.... Great. Do you Know the game named Carv'up ?

2019-09-30 23:23:05

@billoo10: you can check Trolls n Oscar, Benefactor, Bubble and Squeak, Bump n Burn, Furry of The Furries.

2019-09-28 13:32:05

I wish you could do the same with Amiga CD32 games :-)

2019-09-28 13:25:28

@billoo10 - Malicious and jealous people, hah

2019-09-28 08:06:52

How could we talk rubbish about you ?...What you do is better than all Amiga emulators. Thank you so much for all.

2019-09-27 23:46:59

@zannificus: Thank you for your kind words and for your patience.

2019-09-27 16:26:30

Thank you for the answer, Anthrox. Guess I'll still have to wait. I appreciate all releases you guys put out.

2019-09-27 16:10:11

@zannificus - these titles are on an incompatible engine, so their update is extremely slow. We are gradually restoring them, but at the same time there are complaints that we do not release completely new titles and it is difficult to meet all requests ... :)

2019-09-27 16:00:47

Thanks for another huge update but what about the stuff not updated in forever like Gloom 4in1, Speedball 2in1 and TVSports 4in1?

2019-09-27 15:03:49

I was into coding right at the beginning of the Amiga ( think I had the first O/S manuals in the UK ) so this is a great find. working through the blitter/sprints mechanism was a blast. Multitask - what a well designed joy that was! If I ever see any of my code here, you are welcome to it, its commercial use is long gone but its great to see its entertainment value live on Best wishes to al Amiga Fans

2019-07-22 16:19:39

Great to see you back up and running again. thanks again for all the new updates. Super work. Live Long and Prosper

2019-06-29 08:42:55

Yes... we need change server. Actually we testing offer. Hotfix is released for all v3.0 - added support for Windows 10 1903.

2019-06-27 13:39:23

WHOA! You guys were down for a few days (least for me( and I see 75 new re-downloads. Seems to be all re-do's for whatever reason but thank you for keeping them updated. Still hoping TV Sports & Speedball get done soon.

2019-06-26 23:47:31

XP8 please? :)

2019-06-07 04:56:35

FAntastic work :)

2019-06-07 04:55:41

Amiga... a system very unknown to me. Thanks for everything.

2019-05-30 16:07:08

Keep up the good work ;)

2019-05-13 19:32:05

@woolyfrog - naturally, we keep updating all the time exes :)

2019-04-15 02:29:29

Thanks for bringing back so many great memories, I'm an 80s child so this was my entire childhood. Do we have a timeframe on the remaining ones to updated as there are a few in there I wouldn't mind playing again?

2019-04-14 14:06:14

Thanks for bringing back so many great memories, I'm an 80s child so this was my entire childhood. Do we have a timeframe on the remaining ones to updated as there are a few in there I wouldn't mind playing again?

2019-04-13 18:21:41

So much memories ! Remembers me playing Sorcery+, Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity, Neuronics, Bubba&Styx, Puznnic, etc... so much fun :-)

2019-04-13 15:08:39

I am so happy to have found your site, I will cry of happiness :-)

2019-04-13 11:41:54

Thank you so much for all your amazing work. What a pleasure to play amiga games simply on the PC and with the possibility to improve them graphically with the filter :-)

2019-04-13 11:39:01

Great site...Good to play these games as exe's. Thankyou!

2019-03-27 20:02:22

Thanks for all your hard work. Amiga's live forever...

2019-03-23 06:15:21

@TimPilot - thank you for kind words!

2019-03-20 20:10:27

How can anyone talk rubbish about TC? Guess it's jealousy, 'cos TC is effing awesome :)

2019-03-19 19:36:23

@zannificus - of course.

2019-03-09 19:26:48

Will the non 2.6 games get updated now?

2019-03-07 23:12:49

of course. thanx. waiting ...

2019-03-04 19:39:24

This item will definitely appear - we have a limited number of programmers and we need time...

2019-02-21 21:51:16

Super Cars

2019-02-21 21:49:23

but but but .. where are the supercars serie ;(

2019-02-20 20:34:34


2019-02-16 18:23:21

Thanks for all you guys have done! We appreciate your hard work!

2019-02-13 15:56:54

Thank you mate!!

2019-02-11 17:50:14

You're doing the best work imaginable :)

2019-01-22 19:23:18

@zannificus - yes, in all exes V3.0 default depth color has been changed due to sound issues on some computers.

2019-01-22 17:57:49

I've been grabbing the 3.0 updates as I've been alerted to them but all of a sudden all of them came up again. Is there any difference between earlier 3.0's and the ones today?

2019-01-22 17:10:55

you have cheered up a miserable time of year - please keep up the great work!!

2019-01-22 13:13:35

Thanks for your big grat work and this cool Game Package!!!!!!

2019-01-20 13:23:42

Thanks so much for all the work you do in keeping the Amiga games alive. Anyone who complains, may a thousand flees infect their armpits. :)

2019-01-20 10:21:01

Hi Company !!! Thank you so much !.... It's always a pleasure to visit you. For all the world Amiga Fan thank you !!!

2019-01-20 09:59:35


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