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Quiksilver Pinball Simulator

  1. Year: 1990
  2. Genre: Game Pinball
  3. Publisher: Actionworks
  4. Developer: Unknown
  5. Music: Clyde R. Wallace Jr., Steven D. Lin
  6. Trainer: No
  7. Download: [229.18 MB] DownloadDownload (mirror)Password: tc

    Mirrored by: ClassicAmiga.com
  8. MD5: 6172ac20cea89fa4c0e5777812bba0f5
  9. Downloaded: 960
  10. Viewed: 10453
  11. Rating: 5/10
  12. User Manual: You have to be logged in to downloading manuals!
  13. Video: Quiksilver Pinball Simulator Amiga - YouTube
  14. Compilation Pinballs 21in1 : Ultimate Pinball Quest, The, Thomas The Tank Engine's Pinball, Pinball Wizard, First Person Pinball, Time Scanner, Pinball Magic, Power Pinball, Quiksilver Pinball Simulator, Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Reflexity: Pinball Challenge, Soccer Pinball, Obsession, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Mania, Pinball Prelude, Pinball Hazard, Slam Tilt, Pinball Brain Damage, Magic Ball, Pinball Wizard V2.0
  15. Screenshots:
    1. Quiksilver Pinball Simulator - Amiga
    2. Quiksilver Pinball Simulator - Amiga
    3. Quiksilver Pinball Simulator - Amiga
    4. Quiksilver Pinball Simulator - Amiga
    5. Quiksilver Pinball Simulator - Amiga
    6. Quiksilver Pinball Simulator - Amiga
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