Deuteros: The Next Millennium

  1. Year: 1991
  2. Genre: Game Strategy
  3. Publisher: Activision
  4. Developer: Unknown
  5. Music: Matt Bates
  6. Trainer: No
  7. Download: [8.86 MB] DownloadDownload (mirror)Password: tc

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  8. MD5: c7fa345ff8e8bbf8155b3c22b04d9119
  9. Downloaded: 11269
  10. Viewed: 33765
  11. Rating: 8/10
  12. User Manual: You have to be logged in to downloading manuals!
  13. Video: Deuteros: The Next Millennium Amiga - YouTube
  14. Compilation Deuteros Duology : Millennium 2.2, Deuteros: The Next Millennium
  15. Screenshots:
    1. Deuteros: The Next Millennium - Amiga
    2. Deuteros: The Next Millennium - Amiga
    3. Deuteros: The Next Millennium - Amiga
    4. Deuteros: The Next Millennium - Amiga
    5. Deuteros: The Next Millennium - Amiga
    6. Deuteros: The Next Millennium - Amiga
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Changelog [2017-07-01]
+ updated icon (by Pancio)

2017-07-01 15:28:41

Changelog [2017-06-28]
+ added graphic filters - you see: F12 -> Filters.

2017-06-28 15:44:15

Zgłoszenia dokonał użytkownik BTGigs - @pomor.

2017-06-28 15:31:24

EXE'k wymaga aktualizacji - przypadkiem nie zostały wkompilowane filtry graficzne (F12 -> Filters)

2017-06-28 15:30:53

Saves NOW WORKING! Nice work (version 2.6)

2013-09-02 17:43:23

Game must be updated to v2.6.

2013-09-02 08:23:11

I'm having problems loading saved games for Deuteros - when I refresh with * from num pad I get the opening sequence again, but after I select my language choice, the screen just goes blank and nothing more happens. NB I can reload save games from Millenium 2.2 and others, so it seems to be specific to Deuteros, any ideas how I resolve this please?

2013-02-05 14:58:41

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It is possible, but only from "WHDLOAD" version (custom save format).

2014-08-09 06:19:33

Hello. I was very happy to see what you have done here, making Amiga-Games playable without an Emulator. So i downloaded Deuteros because i played it on Amiga for a long time, without winning until today. But the problem is now that i am not possible to import my old ADF-Safedatafiles because you are using SGF-Safedatafiles. Is it possible that i send my old ADF-datafiles to you so that you can translate it into SGF-datafiles ? Or ist there an other way to play again on that positon wehre i was ? Have a good day, Christian

2014-07-27 09:04:44

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