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Also malware notice on this one.

2017-04-25 17:09:05 Games

Getting a malware warning when I attempt to download this, never had any issues on any other games here. Just wanted to let you know. Love your work and super glad you're back.

2017-04-25 16:56:25 Games

Thank you for the kind words!

2017-04-24 20:49:54 News

Thanks for the new and updated games. Cheers! :)

2017-04-24 14:45:14 News

Changelog [2017-04-23]
+ tcEngine has updated to v2.6
+ improved game speed

2017-04-23 21:40:00 Games

Fakt. Przekreśliłem.

2017-04-18 21:10:54 News

Wiadomość obecnie nieaktualna ;)

2017-04-18 17:45:39 News

v2.6 [first release]
+ available languages: english, deutsch, français, italiano
+ protection removed
+ fixed text-speed in intro
+ english game version is 6-8-92 - more info:
"Early editions of the Amiga version have a bug which only becomes apparent when you are near the end of the game. If you are using a saved game you will be unable to exit from the Gate room in the Castle. Virgin Games have fixed this bug and if you send them your discs they will supply replacements. The discs in the debugged version are clearly marked * VERSION 2 *. If in doubt pull down the "INFO" menu and select information. The release date on the bugged version is 17-6-92 and on the debugged version 6-8-92." Source: Game solution written by Phil Darke and Roy Sims

2017-04-14 00:27:19 Games

@sentor - we are looking for programmers who modified tcUAE for online gaming on TheCompany Server :)

2017-04-13 21:34:07 News

@gallatea82 - you must wait for v2.6 exe. Could you see for test "Baby Jo in Going home" ?

2017-04-13 21:32:17 Games

You must wait for v2.6 update. Very sorry :(

2017-04-13 21:31:32 Games

Sorry, only v2.6 exe (see exe name) work on Windows 10.

2017-04-13 21:30:43 Games

again same problem, I cannot run this game. Would that be my AVG's fault?

2017-04-08 14:31:28 Games

I still cannot run this game. All I get is: THE APP WAS UNABLE TO LOAD A REQUIRED VIRTUAL MACHINE COMPONENT.PLEASE CONTACT THE PUBLISHET OF THIS APP FOR MORE INFO. I am on Win 8.1 and I have no problem of running other games. This one simply does not starts. Please help!

2017-04-08 14:29:00 Games

I love very much your work. I hope you'll be back quickly. if you can't, give us source code for TCUAE, please ?

2017-04-04 11:35:18 News

Sorry, v2.5 doesnt work on Windows 8 and Windows 10. TC constantly updates old exes. When do you know update to V2.6 ?

2017-04-03 23:28:56 Games

what a pity ! it does'nt work on windows 10 pro.

2017-04-03 13:45:00 Games

v2.6 [update #2: 2017-03-27]

+ wbudowane save w grze nadal nieprawidłowo zapisywało się na dysk. Aktualizacja eliminuje ten defekt.

2017-03-28 03:53:08 Games

v2.6 [update #1: 2017-03-2017]

+ na niektórych komputerach zapis stanu gry powodował czarny ekran przy ponownym odczycie. Aktualizacja eliminuje ten błąd.

2017-03-27 17:42:28 Games

v2.5 to v2.6 UPDATE!

+ changed CD32 RIP to AGA version
+ added intro from CD32 version
+ protection screen removed
+ added trainer +1
+ fixed saving game
+ fixed black screen errors
+ and more...

2017-03-25 22:39:19 Games

v2.6 has been released. Have fun!

2017-03-25 22:37:31 Games

Pisz do Pancio albo tauri5

2017-03-23 22:39:50 Games

jak dostać się do bety ?

2017-03-21 11:24:46 Games - bonus dla fanów gry, skany oryginalnych grafik w hi-res ;)

2017-03-19 17:41:41 Games

v2.6 in beta section - please wait...

2017-03-19 00:55:19 Games

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