The Company Music Contest 2014 - summary

We decided to shorten the time of the contest due to fact that not many people are competing.
Winner is: Bober (Hardy)

Watch Bober's movie clip


  • 2 REQs for Amiga exe (high priority)
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key

Congratulations for preparing such good track, and the courage!

Any ideas for next contest?
Put you ideas in comments!

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author: Anthrox2014-04-05 09:21:08

Important update v2.6

All exes v2.6 will be updated during the night due to a problem that occurred - after hiting QUIT exes only minimized and it was impossible to close them. All those problems are now gone forever.

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Ummmmm, hi!

2014-04-05 09:41:56


2014-04-04 21:42:17

What comment? :P

2014-03-08 07:55:30

any comments, on those games..

2014-03-06 05:22:31

quick list (among the 100s) A320 airbus Afterburner Airbu cks Altered beast ALien Syndrome Arkanoid Armour geddon Battlehawks Bette r dead than alien Birds of prey Blood money Damocles Epic G uardian Jurassic Park Kennedy approach Knight of the sky Leisure suit larry 5 Lure of tempress. more to come .......

2014-02-16 09:28:20

@happymondays - thank you ;)

2014-02-10 13:03:58

@Devvy - propositions?

2014-02-10 12:39:32

Nice job guys, please keep on updating to 2.6, so the odler versions will also work on 64 bit systems.

2014-02-09 14:32:59

can I contribute to converting the games? I've got quite a backlog of amiga from the good ole days.

2014-02-09 02:24:16

True! ;)

2014-01-31 16:17:38


2014-01-31 07:10:05

Excellent website, I would love Pac-Land, Wonderboy & Jimmy White's whirlwind snooker. Keep up the good work people.

2014-01-29 14:34:06

i wait for "Gods"

2014-01-28 05:31:24

Pancio reported too - thanks for information!

2014-01-21 19:02:22

Hi all and happy new year ;) (a bit 'late?) it is just me, or last version of Lionheart lacks of its icon? but that is just a detail, compliments for your work... cześć! :)

2014-01-21 08:02:17


2014-01-19 09:32:39

and for the game AGA (amiga1200) (banshe aga, ishar,Alien Breed 3D (AGA)Brian The Lion (AGA),pinball.....) ---))))

2014-01-17 12:11:54

ahhhh thank you !!! for TURRICAN .. very very good job

2014-01-17 11:59:15

@davnao - OK ;)

2014-01-09 12:25:11

^^ Happy New Year!

2014-01-05 15:32:45

please turrican ))

2014-01-05 05:37:15

Happy new Year everyone!!

2014-01-05 02:02:36

Great work! Any idea if other titles will be updated to v2.6? I would love to be able to play 'Lotus Turbo Challenge II' again! (Windows8)

2013-12-15 21:31:59

ML - multilanguage

2013-11-17 11:18:56

Gday, just noticed that I have Another World V2.6, but the update says Another Worlds (ML) V2.6, what's the difference. the D/L file is slightly bigger and no false virus alert.. thanks so much

2013-11-15 21:58:50

@wizzel - "old exes" = v2.5?

2013-10-23 21:54:33

Found out, that all "old" EXEs have the slowdown problem, but they all switch to the default desktop resolution. Seems to be a different tcUAE version wich initializes the screen differently? All 2.6 EXEs run well in 1920x1080. For the others i have to switch to 720x576 Fullscreen, then they are fast enough.

2013-10-19 03:32:28

It's very slow, like 3-5 Frames/sec. Found out that it goes 1920x1080 in the display settings. Setting it to something like 720x480 makes it run with normal speed. Other EXEs are on 720x576 (480). They work well. Maybe a misconfiguration while compiling?

2013-10-18 16:28:31

@wizzel - slowdowns/stuttering? Example?

2013-09-30 16:53:52

Anyone else having slowdowns/stuttering with North & South. The game i love the most is a freaking picture show :(

2013-09-30 13:56:14

tried ESET, seems like AVAST not reporting virus any more????? downloaded a few EXEs, all okay... god knows what's going on.... your doing a great job, so many memories. wish I could send you my entire collection to convert... but then you've got a life..... thank heaps

2013-09-13 08:59:45

@Devvy - maybe change antivir? I've recommend: ESET Smart Security

2013-08-29 08:19:09

thanks Anthrox, i'll just have to disable AVAST when playing....

2013-08-29 05:33:27

Works like a charm :)

2013-08-28 16:21:10

@Devvy - you see it:

game screen

2013-08-27 20:10:23

i'm getting the WIN32:Evo-gen virus block again... anyone else having the same issue? probably false-positive. MD5 check out ?

2013-08-27 06:08:19

all my dreams come true... now for the D/Ls

2013-08-27 05:52:10

author: Anthrox2013-08-25 18:28:00


Some of you noticed incorrect status in v2.6. We are informing that in case of updating engine we are not planning to change version number. We will change ver. no. in case of improved functionality. We are also introducing new convinient way of loading highscore/saves - no need to press "*" in NumPad (feature not for all games).

You can use search bar to find v2.6 EXE's.
(available for logged users)

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Everything works perfect :)

2013-07-23 18:53:03

Thanks :)

2013-05-30 03:29:26

Add vote

2013-05-29 19:55:10


2013-05-28 11:46:15

You should update "Lionheart",from Thalion Software. It was a very good game

2013-05-28 11:44:32

Yes. Report this false positive (send v2.6 exe's) to the Antivirus Company ;)
Result from Kaspersky Lab:

game screen

2013-05-25 07:30:05

my antivirus keeps deleting the files after downloading, adams family, pp hammer etc. is it a false alert? thanks for your good work...

2013-05-25 05:35:58

Ok, information from previous information added ;) Thanks.

2013-05-24 18:58:28

Thanks for the update. Maybe you could list which games tagged "Platform 2.6" were updated (because not all were updated).

2013-05-24 12:25:07

Thanks for the update. M

2013-05-24 12:22:38

author: Anthrox2013-05-22 17:43:27

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